Keeping ideas in motion while the outside world is standing still. Overwriting the walls of your private space.

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One room. One artist. One week.

Reawakening cultural life beyond social distancing

Growth is a fundamental aspect of human nature. We are used to increasing the space around us, to crossing borders, to thinking of and discovering unexpected grounds.

In this fertile environment of constant change, shutdown confronts us with new levels of restriction and limitation. Country borders are closed, private life reduced to a minimum and cultural life locked in silence. The question "What's new?" is increasingly left unanswered and so are the contents that used to stimulate our thoughts and conversations.


Current and past exhibitions

In absence of new impressions, appears as a contemporary place of visual experience that intends to reawaken cultural life beyond social distancing and to literally overwrite the walls of our private space.

Based on the idea to use limitation as a creative tool instead of declaring it as constraint, aims to rethink existing concepts and to reestablish focus in a world of distraction. Every week, there will be a new exhibition with an artist whose work moves the world of art and design and thus maintains the fertile environment of constant change. was founded by Patrik Hübner, an interdisciplinary designer who specializes in telling fresh and meaningful stories at the intersection of design, technology and art. He researches and applies novel forms of visual and interactive communication for brands, agencies and cultural institutions.

Patrik is driven by the question how the mixture of data, human interaction, artificial intelligence and storytelling can transform the impact of communication design. Drawing from a rich background of 10+ years as a Creative Director for leading national and international brands, he nowadays constantly crosses the boundaries of design, technology and art.

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Week 2
Evangelos Rodoulis
Quarantine Diary
Exhibition: Programming Posters
Photography creates distance, alienates and at the same time allows us to forever preserve a brief moment of our present through the lens of nostalgia. As a means of intentional limitation, the viewfinder allows us to change perspective. To escape into the role of the observer and take on a mediated confrontation with the world.
Regaining control over what’s happening and opening our eyes to a different present is what comes along with a decreasing density of experience.
Week 1
Tim Rodenbröker
Programming Posters
Exhibition: Programming Posters
The „Poster 2.0“ is much more than a surface with type, colors and images on it: It is an interactive application, animated, audible, data driven and intermedial.
Our world is changing at a breathtaking pace. New technologies cause fundamental transformations. Now is the time to get creative! To find new ways to deal with change and disruption. To discover, evaluate and develop new, valuable opportunities.